CNC Machining Part

Precision Machining Component

Custom Part from LTEK Machining Company

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Diverse Industry Experience

  • Alternative Energy
  • Automotive Technology
  • Electronic Industry
  • Electro Mechanical
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • Laser Technology
  • Lithium Battery Technology
  • Vision Technology

Examples of customer products containing the machined parts and components manufactured at our facility are: Fiber Optic Lasers; Race Car Analytics; Off Road Automotive; Car Washes; Testing; Industrial Computers; Automotive Assembly Line; Testing & Gauging; Medical Lab Equipment; Vision Inspection; Electro Mechanical Assemblies.

Using our 3D CAD CAM software and 4-axis CNC machining equipment, we produce machined components: parts of, or complete mechanical assemblies; electro mechanical assemblies; medical laser components; optical assembly components; R&D testing & instrumentation components; strain gage transducers; off-road automotive details; test fixtures; part modifications; emissions testing components; specialty camera housings; camera mounts; medical lab equipment; assembly fixtures; high end residential fixtures and hardware; engine and transmission parts for testing or racing; gas engine throttle bodies; gas engine air inlet restrictors; transmission shifter components; manifolds; gear boxes; car wash parts; monkey cages; medallions and awards; drive axels; pump housings; wheels; rollers; brackets; housings; gripper pads; valve spring seats and retainers; heat sinks; microscope slide trays; flanges; CAM masters for cam grinding; dynamometer adapters.




Throttle Body Assy (Alum)

Machined Part

Aluminum CNC Machining Product

Precision Machining Part